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Zoom setting

Through BookingHour, you can completely automate your online Zoom meetings. The procedures for integrating Zoom with BookingHour are listed below.

Click here:
By clicking the button in the top right corner of the website, sign in;

Click the Build APP menu after selecting the Develop drop-down menu and from the list, pick the first option, JWT;

Your browser will go to the App page. Your APP’s details, including the App name, company name, developer name and email address, must be filled out;

Click the Continue button. In the next step, you will see your API Key and API Secret;

-Click the Continue button after you’ve copied the APP key and API secret;
-Save your application by selecting Continue one more time;
-Enable the Zoom integration by going to BookingHour > Settings > Integrations;

-Fill up the Meeting topic form and paste your API key and API secret. The Meeting topic and Meeting Description fields both support shortcodes. Click the Keywords icon to acquire a ready-made list of keywords;
For your Zoom meetings, the BookingHour plugin automatically generates random 8-digit passwords. Disabling the option to “Set random password for the meetings” will allow you to set meetings without a password;

-Connect the Zoom users with your Booknetic team. Go to Booknetic > Staff to accomplish it. Edit the staff by choosing it. The Zoom user field is located at the bottom of the edit form. Save the form after selecting the Zoom user;

  • Then Go to user to create an account in your Zoom profile. Click the Add User button and fill out the form and then Activate the Service that you need to integrate into Zoom. To do that, you need to simply edit your Service and enable the Activate Zoom for the service option;

Utilizing the following shortcodes, you may include the Zoom Meeting URL in notifications:
The meeting URL for customers is the zoom meeting URL.
The meeting URL for staff is the zoom meeting URL host.
The meeting password is “zoom meeting password.”