Appointment Sheduling Software

Report in the Bookinghour

With the aid of the Reports feature, company analysis is made simpler. Now that you have the four charts, you can perform a more thorough study. The following charts are among them:


Reports based on the number of appointments: Using this chart, you may determine which days you accept more appointments, how many appointments you receive on particular days, and compare results.

Reports by appointment earnings: Using this graph, you may see which days you made more money, and how much you made, and make comparisons based on the report.

A great feature for seeing information like which employees made the most money, which employees made a lot of money, and how much an employee made. The ability to choose the employee of the month is another useful function.

Along with the daily reports, you may also view the weekly and monthly reports.

To view the precise data on graphs, apply service, location, and personnel filters.