Appointment Sheduling Software

Email Notifications

You may automatically email notifications to your customers, employees, and admins by using the BookingHour system. You can enhance the topic and text of your email alerts by utilizing shortcodes. You can also include attachments in your emails. These attachments can be a client’s own PDF that was uploaded using custom forms or a URL that was added by the customer.

All of the actions that are available in the Workflow module can be used to issue notifications.

Emailing reminders whenever a new appointment is added
You can send a pre-written email when a consumer makes an appointment. You will be aware of every reservation using this.

Notifying customers through email when appointments are changed
Your email address will be notified when a customer changes the date of their appointment via the customer panel. You will be informed of any modifications made to appointments thanks to this.

Sending emails as soon as an appointment is cancelled or its status is altered
Your email address will be notified whenever one of your clients uses the customer panel to modify or cancel an appointment. You will be informed of any modifications made to appointments thanks to this. Using filters based on the prior and current state of the appointments, you can send different notifications from this page. Send me a notification, for instance, if a customer cancels an approved appointment.

Notifications are sent via email when N minutes remain until the appointment (reminder)
You can use any setting to send reminders to your email address from this page. Send the notification, for instance, an hour before the meeting and the Zoom link, when there are 15 minutes remaining.

Notifications are sent through email — minutes before/after the appointment.
You can send any notice content to the addresses you added before after the appointment is over. With the help of this kind of notification, you can acquire consumer feedback about your appointment and raise the standard of your enterprise.

Notification of new customer creation through email
A notification can be sent each time a new customer is generated. You can email the customer’s email, the URL for the customer panel, and the created password credentials if your customer panel is operational. On it, you can utilize every customer-related shortcode.